"Projected Geometrically 2"

 30" x 36" framed
Mixed media piece created by using a "shaper" tool thus giving the colors a geometric shape.
The lines are dramatic and energized, creating a relationship with the captivating colors. The spirals add a contrasting & quieting element.
Accepted into the Gates Mills Annual Art Show 2022

"At the Gateway"

 Mixed media ( no collage) 2021, artwork 44" x 30", Larger vertical depicting various sizes of archways leading to secret places of the flowering imagination. The use of subtle opposite colors, blue & orange, give it a softer look which invites the viewer to pause & enter the depths.

"Circles of Sensation"

Mixed media with collage, 2021, size of artwork 30" x 44", Part of the series, "Circle the Things That Matter" Very dramatic piece with intense colors and layers of veiling paint applications.  Not for the faint of heart!  Turquoise circles demand attention from the viewer.   
Accepted into the Butler 86th National Mid-year Exhibition (2022)

"Without a Mathematical Model"

 Mixed media, 2021, art size 30" x 44",  Explosion of earth colors on a light almost illumined background.  The world is still pushing through various outbreaks of COVID 19.  We're ready for change!

"Brimming with Excitement"


Mixed media, unframed 30" x 22", 2020.

Full watercolor sheet in size with lots of colorful energy both in paint & spontaneous mark making. Sure to brighten the wall it will be hung on! 

Awarded Best in Show, 2022, Stella's Art Gallery

"Strike Zone"

Mixed media, unframed 30" x 44", 2020

Large piece with vibrant contrasting colors, textures created by using veiling techniques! 

"Considered & Spontaneous"

 Mixed media, framed 25" x 19", 2021

This mixed media has various papers with interesting textural qualities as well as non descript papers from a shoe box!  I love the colors of this piece as it has some wonderful overlays of artists crayons to intensify areas.  It is currently on view at the Moreland Cts Apts. in Shaker Hts, OH until the end of July 21.

"As Within: So Without"


Mixed media, Unframed 44" x 30" on paper.

This is a large piece with lots of up-close color details.  It's my favorite way to work using surprising color combinations that causes the viewer to look carefully around the painting.  There are various spontaneous & expressive marks that suggest movement and galvanized energy!

Accepted into AAWR, New Now Show, 2022

"Between Awareness & Experience"


Mixed media, unframed 30" x 44", 2020

This piece was created during the COVID pandemic!  The title suggests what we know about this disease and the difference of how we experience it or respond to it.  The choices are varied with a stillness between.  This can be true for all life experiences with the possibility of choosing to step into this vast stillness before making a decision.

Accepted into the AAWR Bi-annual show "The New Now" 2021. 

"Breath And Sunlight"

 This sensitive painting and drawing is reminiscent of my time in Houston when I studied Chinese brush painting. There are important guidelines to follow in this kind of painting that takes a lot of thought about placement and what you would like to say about nature.  Lotus is one of my favorite flowers to draw because of their openness to the light. The background on this painting was presenting itself as high-key and I wanted to keep this sensitivity so I thought about how to continue preserving this lightness for a while considering many possibilities.  I always came back to doing this drawing.  
It's a large painting, 30 x 44" unframed with a light application of handmade spiral papers. I  wrote some Chinese characters along the right side as is customary holding in my head the beauty of the flower and the nature of light.
(to my favorite collectors in Houston!)

"High Range Frequency"

 Mixed media, 37" x 51" framed, 2020
I was aiming at keeping the brush & spatula strokes strong & spontaneous. 
I thought it's important to keep my energy thought field at a higher plain, colorful,
and subtly dynamic!

"Break Through"

 Mixed media with collage, 17" x 34" framed, 2020
This is a mighty mini!  Even though it's smaller than most of my works it has 
strong line work with a definite message of pushing through.  In the upper left I 
have included some numbers from my past that I associated with that are no longer
necessary. It's a challenging process to let go!

"WEB; All in Together"

 Mixed media, framed 37" x 51"
A large emotional piece created in 2020. The colors are Piscean and the pencil work an
emotional description of our connectedness. 
There is very little brushwork, done mostly with a spatula!
Now Showing at Lakeland C.C. until July, 21.

"Reconstruction 2020"


Mixed media, 38" x 31" on paper, framed
This exciting dynamic piece has a lot of interesting papers including Chinese brush painting papers and crumbled newspaper which adds a lot of  fascinating texture. The energetic painting strokes give it some action opposing the structural red blocks.

"Quantum Particles Reconfigurring for a Change 2020"

 Mixed Media, 30" x 40" on canvas
2020 is the year of significant changes. Everything is realigning to accommodate these drastic times of unrest.  Here I visualized the microscopic atoms shifting from their protective shelters and leaping assertively towards another structure that is still not stabilized!  Quantum Leaps are surprising and adventurous...

Large works

30" x 44"
These are samples of my latest work. Much larger, more paint, less paper!

"All Bundled Up"

Collage mixed media, 20 x 30", 
This beautifully colored collage has so many interesting components. the variety & texture of the papers can only be appreciated when you zoom into this piece of work. There are papers from a pizza box, Amazon delivery box and others that have been handmade by me & other women around the world!  Once again I managed to combine the refined with the mundane & bring a lot of beauty to the world.  The one little bundle is wrapped in jute & horsetail from my brothers draft horse, Dale. 

"Un-Decoded Form"

This very large collage mixed media has a presence all its own.
Framed in an old recycled fence board it measures 51 x 45"  The textures range from gossamer thin to papers that have been embossed using very large bean pods. I've also included old newspapers and tea bags which give it interesting colors & shape.  The pink paper has a fibrous look that's quite delicate but it's made out of fiberglass & cane easily leave tiny glass shards in your hands! 

"Thought & Matter"

Collage mixed media, 31 x 36"
On this collage I combined various painted papers along with papers from Simplicity patterns, appliance insulation, corrugated boxes and old news papers. I loved how the raised textures create interesting lines and visual appeal. These colors of orange & green have a wonderful resonance being part of a triad of colors on the color wheel.  
So on this one I incorporated more gestural lines in the atmosphere portion of the picture.  I love making these spontaneous marks as they feel like they're secret messages from the depths of my being expressing a thoughtful narrative.

"Wild Heart"

37 x 27" Framed
This collage has some interesting papers along with an old water color painting I did in 2007. Included also are some handmade and hand painted papers.  And as always I incorporated some everyday papers.  (pages from a book, dress patterns,  tissue paper from a shoe box).  The final addition was the beautiful, fibrous rice papers.  

"Present Blooming"

49 x 37" Framed
Created with various handmade papers and a piece of cloth I found while hiking in Costa Rica that ripped into shreds.  The drawing is made with artist crayons. 
Large, beautifully framed piece.

"Central Activity"

44 x 34.5" Framed
Quiet Background but active center.
Large framed piece with oil papers that have been sectioned into a grid with twine. 

Follow the Dots, See the Story

37 x 31" Framed
Here's my question surrounding this expression:
We create all kinds of patterns in our life and some are not working in our favor.
If we could see the pattern, could we change the behavior?

"Cellular Examination of Differences"

32 x 41" Framed
This collage is made up of several different pieces but each "Cell" resembles its neighbor.
Typical of my work there are pieces that were found, papers that I cut up from other collages, shreds from dress patterns, my old jeans and on every cell there is a tiny tag from where things were made, IE: Made in Japan or the U.S.A.  I've been collecting them for awhile! So I wanted to express that even though there are so many people from different places... still we are alike in many ways!

"Dualities & Relativities"

Collage/Mixed media

Once again a very dramatic set of colors & papers. Starting with paint & waiting for it to dry, I searched for papers in my collections that would compliment this shade of black/brown.  Some papers included in this piece I made at the Morgan.  Dress patterns, painted gauze, & coconut palm fibers are also included.  The brush strokes themselves are full of wild action. Click on the image for a close up to appreciate the textures.  The writing in red, lower left is actually a scribble of a writing by Tolstoy, one of my favorite authors. He wrote everything is Light.

"Toward the Light"

Collage/Mixed Media

This collage has papers from China & Thailand which are very thin and translucent. I started with a painting of very dark brown and white then added the torn pieces layer at a time.  I added arrows from a dress pattern which I felt were symbolic for giving direction to one who might be seeking. I drew flowers with a conte crayon, one of most favorite subjects, to give it layers & life.

"Light Rain, Early Spring"

48 x 38
Although it is quite large, this is a very quiet piece.  Framed.
It contains various delicate papers from China & Japan.  I drew very sensitive pink lotus as if they were falling out of the sky. There is a page from one of Tolstoy's stories called "the Snow Storm". I felt it appropriate to the expression of the piece.
Juried into the prestigious Valley Art Center's 44th annual, 2016

"On the Way to Blue Yonder"

30x24" on canvas

Aerial Ocean

This elongated triptych measures 144" long and 36" tall.  
It's going to a beach house in Florida!!
I used various kinds of handmade papers including ones that I made at the Morgan Conservatory in downtown Cleveland.  Some of these papers are quite translucent so you can read the  words that are on the book pages which I think creates lots of up close visual interest.

"Some Strings Attached"

30" x 40"
This one has so many subtle variances that it took me a long time to complete.
It's hard to see how transparent these papers are from this tiny picture but I worked hard on accentuating this property of these papers by coating the entire piece with a thin coat of melted wax!


8"x 7"
This tiny collage has lots to look at!!!
The Chinese paper took the colors in a most unusual way giving it a very watery looking print.  Also included in this piece is paper & oily string that came from Thailand, a small piece of lavender paper from Bangladesh and true to my nature of mixing paper types there is a small remnant of a pizza box! 

"Yesterday's Gone"

30.5 x 22.5" Framed

 This is a close up of a framed collage.
Besides having some exquisite handmade papers it also includes papers I found on the streets of Houston, TX that I really thought had a lot of character and wonderful colors!